Translation of Books

Value for Money

While working for representatives of various foreign companies in Poland, I learnt that the concept of VALUE FOR MONEY is the best "Mission Statement" for long-term results in business. Therefore, I focus on quality service for reasonable, realistic prices which are satisfactory both for the customer and for myself. I enjoy my work and I am happy to contribute to efficient operation of other companies or make life easier for individual persons.

Information flow

I always report on work progress and keep in touch if requested.

Personal service

The work I do for you I do myself. I do not sub-contract persons with limited experience to do "simple" texts. It is not effective.


  • Timely, accurate and professional service
  • Flexibility
  • Experience in interpreting at negotiations and business meetings
  • Comments on request
  • Reasonable prices (PLN 195 for the first hour, PLN 95 for every subsequent hour
  • Assistance in making travel arrangements (by car or public transport)
  • Relations on professional terms only

Translation services

  • Timely performance
  • Clear and precise output version
  • Immediate/ online translations in emergency instances
  • Various registers of English according to type of text (business, literary, technical)
  • Customer-friendly price

Key areas of professional experience

  • business (meetings, correspondence, market research),
  • law (contracts, reviews, legal acts, correspondence),
  • advertising,
  • marketing,
  • IT industry (contracts, instructions, texts in HTML),
  • construction industry (energy sector, civil engineering),
  • tourist/travel sector (airports, hotels - construction management, airlines)
  • alternative medicine/New Age (TCM, massage, healing),
  • equestrian sports (dressage, equine psychology/physiology, horse riding therapy etc.),
  • fiction.

About me

Worked full time as translator for Polish Press Agency PAP (1988 - 89) , as translator/ interpreter/ market researcher for Japanese Embassy in Warsaw (economic desk, 1989 - 1991), and as translator/ interpreter/ marketing assistant for the Irish Trade Board (now Enterprise Ireland) in Warsaw (1991 - 1994). In 1993, obtained a certificate of a court translator/ interpreter (In Poland, so-called "sworn translator"). In 1994 began work as a freelancing translator, co-operating with various translation agencies. Translated more than 30 books on a variety of topics ranging from fiction to CRM and horse riding.

Price List

From Polish into English From English into Polish
Certified Sworn    36,00 PLN (netto) 44,28 PLN z VAT    31,00 PLN (netto) 38,13 PLN z VAT
Standard    36,00 PLN (netto) 44,28 PLN z VAT    31,00 PLN (netto) 38,13 PLN z VAT
  • Text size: standard translation 1800 char/page.
  • Certified translation 1125 char./page.
  • Increased by 23% VAT,
  • 0% VAT for EU companies.
  • Express +50% (over 7 pages/day).

Support services

  • Summaries of conference papers/other texts with translation into English/Polish
    (PLN 33/page + VAT, number of output pages agreed in advance)
  • Press reviews of newspapers with translation into English/Polish
    (PLN 38/page + VAT (cost of Polish newspapers included, number of output pages agreed in advance)
  • Basic market information - reports in English
    (PLN 48/page + VAT, table of contents and number of output pages agreed in advance)
  • On-line reports on work progress/consultation on request

Selected customer

Aer Lingus, Aer Rianta, AIB, Bank of Ireland, British Aerospace Consultancy, British American Tobacco, Cameron McKenna, Carey Agri Poland, Carlsberg, Delegation of EEC Poland, Emist Audyt, ESB International, Excellence in Tourism Limited, Eontec, International Distillers and Vintners, NATO w Brukseli, Neste, PepsiCo, PKO SA, Polish Airlines LOT, Price Waterhouse Poland, Print Display Poland, Red Mills, Seagram Poland, Sejm i Senat, Yad Vashem Institute, Uni Bud Corporation, US AID, USIA, polskie ministerstwa i banki i wiele innych.

Translation of Books

Below are the titles of some books which I translated into Polish or English:

  • ode_mnie_dla_wasMonty Roberts "Ode mnie dla was" (Warszawa 2004, PDM),
  • Ken Burnett "Relacje z kluczowymi klientami" (Kraków 2002, Oficyna Ekonomiczna),
  • droga-zycia-wedlug-feng-shui Jon Sandifer "Droga życia według Feng Shui" (Warszawa 1999, Amber),
  • Anne McCaffrey "Robinton, mistrz harfiarzy z Pernu" (Warszawa 1999, Amber),
  • Paramhansa Yogananda "Istota samourzeczywistnienia" (2000, Rebis),
  • Jack i Jan Angelo "Uzdrawianie duchowe" (Warszawa 2002, Amber),
  • czlowiek_ktory_slucha_koniMonty Roberts "Człowiek, który słucha koni" (Warszawa 2008, PDM).
  • tajemnice_zycia Osho "Tajemnice życia" (2007, Jacek Santorski)
  • Karen Kingston "Feng Shui: jak tworzyć przyjazną przestrzeń wokół nas" (2000, Amber)
  • Too Lillian "Wodne Feng Shui Droga do bogactwa" (2000, REBIS)
  • Bija Bennett "Joga emocjonalna" (2006, Amber)

Full list


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tel. +48 22 789 29 37




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